Frequently Barked Questions...


How long does my doggy cake last? 

Dog cakes with a baked base last 3 days, raw beef cakes must be eaten in 24h after pick up. All doggy cakes and pupcakes need to stay refrigerated and look best on the day made

How do I get my doggy cake home safe?

Your dog cake comes in a professional cake box, packed for its journey. Carry it with flat hands, even if we all love a good hug - please don't hug the cake :) The best spot for transport is your passenger's seat FLOOR. Please don't put it on the seat and wrap a seat belt around the box. Drive carefully, try to avoid burn out's or sudden steps on the brake. We don't take any liability for transport damages. 

Seriously, can I eat a slice too? I looks so good!

Even if we use only human grade ingredients, all our cakes are PET FOOD ONLY. But don't be sad - as all cakes are made for a dog's palate - they won't be very appealing to you anyway :)

Do you ship cakes?

Unfortunately all our pupcakes and doggy cakes are for pick up in Elwood 3184 only, as they are made out of perishable ingredients and don't contain preservatives. With extended postal times, even Express, it's regarding food safety not recommended to post perishable items. 

Where's my order? 

Our processing times are in general 3-4 working days plus shipping. Once your order is sent/ready for pick up, you'll receive a tracking email (please check your spam folder, this sneaky mails love to hide there!). We unfortunately have no influence on shipping times, but I swear if we could we'd push the delivery van. Please let us know, if you are experiencing trouble with a courier or tracking. 

What about organic?

All our ingredients are a mixture out of natural, free range and organic ingredients. We know, everything is organic, superfood and paleo these days, but you can be sure that organic means ACO Certified Organic for us. That's why we don't use artificial colours or other nasties in any of our products. 

Why is Willow so cute?

This is a tricky one, because she refuses an answer since we adopted her. Some say, it's her sad face and puppy eyes - I believe it's the combination of being a Bullterrier X Sweet Potato.

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