About US 

Miss Willow, a 6.5yo Bullterrier X Sweet Potato has got the life after being dumped by a backyard breeder, because she wasn't useful pumping out puppies anymore. I try to give her the best life possible and I think we're on a good way! Willow has not only gained heaps of confidence, she is also a dedicated foodie. Be aware as sniffer extraordinaire she will be schnozzling through your handbag for forgotten treats. Her favourite leisure time activities are beach walkies, snuggling and snoozing away in her basket. Oh and did I tell you she has about 3 sweethearts? 

Andrea, not 20 anymore but quite funny for a German. I started my work life as Social Scientist / Social Worker and realised pretty quick, that cakes are better than people. For some time, I indulged in stand up comedy as misanthropic social worker, went travelling before studying Patisserie and settling down in Melbourne. I love old sci-fi & dystopian movies and will chew you an ear off if you want to discuss them. My leisure time activity is work and hanging out with my favourite Willow.


Compared to most small dog treat businesses, we don't operate from a home kitchen. You can be sure, that your doggo's treats are baked in a proper commercial kitchen set up in store. Fully insured, council registered and compliant to food safe standards from fridge temperatures over food handlers certificate to pest control. For full transparency you can see us working just behind our shop counter, rolling out those dog treats by hand.


We wouldn't describe our treats per se as "organic" because it sounds so bloody great. Indeed we use only a mixture out of certified organic and natural ingredients, we don't use artificial colours, added sugar or preservatives in our products. Our meats, eggs, flours and veggies are from local farms. If an ingredient can't be sourced Australian grown, we make sure it's ACO - Australian certified organic. Away from greenwashing and marketing speech. 


Sustainability also means for us to stay away from stocking some dehydrated treats eg nearly extinct Whitebait and concentrate on free range game meats and least of concern seafood. It's a personal belief not to stock any mass produced pig, chicken etc. - even if the margin seems to be attractable for many. Wecddd recycle and reuse packaging where it allows us. We avoid food wastage, food scraps are available for eager composters to pick up. We are in the switch to compostable packaging.