Our Store

Our store is nestled into a small side street of Melbourne's suburb Elwood and just a short stroll away from beach and dog friendly cafes. We stock a variety of big and small brands, which we use since years ourselves and know that they have a good quality. Enrichment toys, treats, curiosities - Willow is eager to show you her range and also to check your bag for food. Friendly dogs on leash are always welcome in store.  


Our open kitchen is the heart of our store. Here you can see us baking and decorating those cakes and cookies, surrounded by delicious smells that will make your pupper's tastebuds tingle. 

Compared to many dog treat businesses, we don't operate from a home kitchen. You can be sure, that your doggo's treats are baked in a safe commercial kitchen set up. Fully insured, council registered and compliant to food safe standards from fridge temperatures to pest control. 

As Pastry Chef I have several years experience working with human food and hold a food handlers certificate. The same hygiene and care applies to making our small batch treats. That's why our cookies don't go off after 2 weeks or need to stay refrigerated. 


We use a mixture out of certified organic, free range and natural ingredients. We don't use artificial colours, added sugar or preservatives in our products. Our meats, eggs, flours and veggies are from Australian businesses and are Australian Grown / Produced. If an ingredient can't be sourced here, we make sure it's ACO - Australian certified organic. Personally it is a matter of heart not to engage in greenwashing (isn't everything organic and eco-friendly these days?), marketing speech and upselling products per se as organic. 


Sustainability is a long road and we're just at the beginning. This also means to stay away from stocking dehydrated treats like nearly extinct Whitebait and concentrate on game meats and least of concern seafood instead. It's another matter of heart not to stock any cheap mass produced dehydrated treats like pig and chicken. We recycle and reuse packaging where it allows us to do so, buy in bulk from health stores to avoid excessive packaging in first term. We avoid food wastage, buckets with food scraps are available for eager composters to pick up. We are in the switch to fully compostable packaging and replacing single use plastics with environmental friendly substitutes like sugar cane wrap. It is small baby steps, but we will get there in the end :)