B.I.Y. Pupcake mix Grain Free & Organic

B.I.Y. Pupcake mix Grain Free & Organic


You've always dreamt of eating one of our pupcakes, but never got your paws onto one? Why not baking one yourself with our new pupcake mix?


Our Bake It Yourself grain free & organic mixture come with 6 cupcake pans, a piping bag, cake topper and baking instructions. Choose between 2 yummy flavours 


Pumpkin & Turmeric or

Red Velvet


Please add 1 egg, 200ml water and 50g peanut butter or molten coconut oil to our mixture. If you'd like to do a piped icing, 50g peanutbutter and 50g Greek yoghurt are required. 


Happy Baking!  (And if you make a banger pupcake - we may offer you a job :P)