Cheesy Willow Dog Cookies -grain free- 120g

Cheesy Willow Dog Cookies -grain free- 120g


Sweet dreams are made of cheese...

Who am I to diss a brie?

I cheddar the world and the fetta cheese...


Ok ok, hands down, we´re addicted with cheese and you´ll see Willow being a Good Girl as quick as a rocket, when cheese is involved!


And you know whats better than cheese cookies?


Grain free cheese cookies with buckwheat and coconut flour, eggs, cheese, applesauce and rosemary! HOORAY!


Our cookies are made out of certified organi, free range and natural ingredients. They don't contain preservatives, artificial colours or added sugar, last up to 4 months and come in a resealable zip lock pouch for maximum freshness. 



  • Return Policy

    Our cookies are perishable items, so we unfortunately can´t offer return or exchange. Please don´t hesistate to contact us, if there´s any problem with our cookies and we sort it out!