Hemp Seed Oil - Pet Food Supplement 100ml

Hemp Seed Oil - Pet Food Supplement 100ml


Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Pets


Improved skin and coat


Hemp seed oil can improve skin health in both dogs and cats, leaving them with an irresistible shiny coat. Hemp seed oil has the perfect composition of Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3 in the ratio of 1:3. Omega fatty acids are one of the most important factors for skin and coat health in animals. Hemp seed oil can be applied directly on fur and skin. 


Treatment of Skin Allergies


Thanks to being so perfectly balanced with Essential Fatty Acids work well for skin allergies and diseases. Researches have shown, that Atopic Dermatitis patients experienced reduced allergic symptoms with the dietary use of hemp seed oil.


Joint health


The combination out of Omega 6, antioxidants and plant cholesterol can lead to overall joint health, reducing inflammation and relief for arthritis and damaged joints.


Does my dog get stoned and drop out off school?


No. Hemp seed oil doesn't contain any psychoactive compounds, so your dog will not get the munchies and listen to Bob Marley.


How much should I feed my dog?


Under 10kg: 1/4 dropper

10-25kg: 1/2 dropper

25+kg: 1 dropper



Our hemp seed oil is cold pressed from sustaibaly grown hemp and Product of Australia.