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Gourmet Dog Celebration Cake


If they can´t have cookies - let them eat cake!


Our gourmet dog celebration cakes are handmade out of human grade ingredients and carefully decorated by personal assistant Andrea, observed by the critical eye of Head Chef Willow!


All Gourmet Dog Cakes are available with 🍦 Ice Cream 🍩 Donut 🎾 Tennisball or 🦴 Bones Decorations, for a completely customised cake please choose Custom Cake in the menu and hit us up for a quote. 


Available in 3 different sizes:


- S - 5" (ca 1.5 kg - for a pawty with your favourite 6-8 snoots

- M - 6" (ca 2.5 kg - for about 10-15 friends, aunties and a couple of nephews)

- L - 8" (ca 4.5 kg of cake - feed the dogdamn dog park and a few pawty crashers)


What's inside? We only use certified organic, free range and natural ingredients. Our colours are plant based. You won’t find artificial colours, unhealthy sprinkles, added sugar or preservatives in our doggy cakes.


We cater for special dietary requirements.


All doggy cakes are made to order - please give us a 3 day warning, so we can get everything ready. 


Drip Icing
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  • Cake Policies

    Our cakes are perishable goods and need to stay refrigerated. Baked cakes need to be used up in 3 days, raw beef cakes on the day made. 

    All cakes are made without preservatives. They look best on the day made. 

    The appearance of your doggy cake depends on handling. We recommend a flat transport, eg on the passenger's side floor. Your cake comes in a professional cake box. We don't take any liability for transport damages or damages occuring due wrong handling. 

    Cake cancellations need to be made 48h in advance, after this we're not able to issue a refund or credit.