Large Pupcake Cake 5" Base

Large Pupcake Cake 5" Base




A bit peckish?


The big Pupcake Cake comes with a 5" base, personalised bone plaque and candle. Choose between different colours and flavours. 


Did you know that all our cakes are made with certified organic plant colours? Blue spiruline, beetroot, turmeric etc not only look amazing, but also have health benefits to your doggo!


Cakes are for Click & Collect in 3184 Elwood only. We require a 7 days notice. 


Please note that our dog cakes are made without preservatives and need to stay refrigerated.


Dog cakes look best on the day made and should be eaten in 3 days after purchase. 


Dog cakes ar an on/off treat for ADULT dogs only and shouldn't be part of a regular diet. 



  • Return & Refund Policies

    With buying one of our dog cakes, you are bound to our T & C.

    Dog Cakes are excluded from any exchange, return or refund. Things can happen, that's why we require a 48h notice to CHANGE your order. After 48h no change or store credit can be issued. 

    In case of Covid-19 restrictions, you can move your cake booking to a later date or get a store credit. You can also book a delivery service at your own costs. We do not give refunds. 

    Dog Cakes need to be picked up in 3184 Elwood, we don't deliver. 

    Dog Cakes need to stay refrigerated all time, just like human cakes.

    Please transport on a flat surface, like passenger's seat FLOOR.

    Do not hug your cake or place it on the seat with a seat belt around.

    Your cake comes safely packed in a cake box.