Rainbow Cake 4" - 8"

Rainbow Cake 4" - 8"


Taste the rainbow! If you'd like to have a cake a bit more colourful than the standard gourmet cakes - you're just about right here! 


Indulge in all the colours and different flavours - of course with plantbased organic colours and no added sugar!


Available in 4 different sizes: 4" single layer (1-3 dogs) S - 5" 2 layers (ca 1.5 kg - for a pawty with your favourite 6-8 snoots - M - 6" 2 layers (ca 2.5 kg - for about 10-15 friends, aunties and a couple of nephews) - L - 8" layers (ca 4.5 kg of cake - feed the dogdamn dog park and a few pawty crashers)


Doggy cakes are an on/off novelty treat and shouldn’t be part of a regular diet. To avoid food guarding, please cut cakes up and feed seperately.