Pupcakes regular size

Pupcakes regular size


The perfect party snack for one dog - or several for a pupcake party!


Choose between Banana & Carob, Beef & Pumpkin or Peanut Butter & Carrot.


Comes with dog, heart or bone shaped cookie topper. 


For personalised cookies a $1 surcharge per pupcake applies. Please get in touch. 



Please note, that all cakes are fresh produce, need to stay refrigerated, look best on the day made and need to be consumed in 3 days.


Doggy cakes are an on/off novelty treat and shouldn’t be part of a regular diet. 

  • Cake Policies

    Our cakes are perishable goods and need to stay refrigerated. Baked cakes need to be used up in 3 days, raw beef cakes on the day made. 

    All cakes are made without preservatives. They look best on the day made. 

    The appearance of your doggy cake depends on handling. We recommend a flat transport, eg on the passenger's side floor. Your cake comes in a professional cake box. We don't take any liability for transport damages or damages occuring due wrong handling. 

    Not picked up items will be destroyed after use by date. No refunds, exchanges or credits. 

    Cake cancellations need to be made 48h in advance, after this we're not able to issue a refund, exchange or credit.