The Silly Season Is Here

Christmas Cookies, Edible Tree Ornaments, Zippy Paws & Fringe Studio Toys! 


Doggy Croquembouches, Eclairs, Mille Feuilles & Barcarons


Welcome to Willow's Pantry!

What happens, when rescue dog Willow adopts a

German pastry cook?


They celebrate their passion for food and start baking  

delicious, healthy and good looking dog treats!


Follow the peanut butter smell and you will find our

cosy brick & mortar store tucked into a side street

of leafy Elwood.

Willow will not only greet you at the gate, but also recommend her favourite treats and is eager to give you a demonstration on our enrichment toys.

The secret ingredient? Shhhh ... it´s love! We do not only

believe in a thing called love, but also that everything

made with joy and passion turns out extra tasty and nice.

Our products don´t contain nasties like artificial colours, preservatives or added sugar - but good stuff like certified organic ingredients, free range eggs, meats from

local farms and plant based colours instead.

We love to bake for you!

Willow & Andrea


As seen in ...

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